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  • FA DVD
  • 70 minutes
  • Teaches 'How to Coach'
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    The aim of Soccer Club Coach is to provide ideas for moms, dads or volunteers who find themselves coaching for the first time, and is also a useful resource for more experienced coaches. By using this program you will improve your knowledge and awareness of soccer, and find out more about your players and about yourself as a coach.

    Each practice game includes:

    • The Set-Up - What the coach needs in number of players, number of balls, playing area, etc.
    • Outcomes - What skills the young soccer players will learn from the game, such as dribbling, running with the ball, turning, shooting, etc.
    • Progressions - What the coach can add to the game to increase the learning environment, such as adding more players, increasing the playing area, etc.

    As a coach, you have a very important role to play. You will be helping to create the next generation of players, the next generation of fans, and the next generation of coaches. To assist you, Soccer Club Coach also includes information on the competencies, values and skills coaches and players should be learning. This program also fills an important need for all youth soccer clubs by providing clearly described game practices for a wide variety of age groups.