These times are difficult for all of us, and in many ways that are much more serious than the loss of our recreation. But that, too, has its place, and can be a great comfort to many of us. Without the connection to our teams, our friends, our fans, we lose yet another hold on a feeling of normalcy. Just being able to watch your kids play on Saturday at the rec fields, or meeting your buddies for an adult league game on a Wednesday night can be the glue that keeps our society held together. We take strength from these connections and the everyday joy that comes with sports.

And as tough as the current times may be, we also know that those connections will return. Sports will return, both under the lights on a national stage, and in the local parks and fields where the game is truly born. Soccer will return. Life will return. Maybe a little different than how it was before this global pause, but that, too, may be okay.

We hope to still be with you when that time comes, when the soccer fields are once again crawling with players both young and old, dreaming of scoring that perfect goal, winning the championship game, or just having fun with family and friends. These times are difficult. But we will get through. As one.

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